gluten-free blueberry coffee cake


so much to love!

Tender, light gluten-free coffee cake bursting with blueberries and topped with plenty of buttery cinnamon streusel!

that streusel tho

Start by mixing up a generous amount of streusel. We'll put half in the middle, and half on top!

fluffy & fresh

then, comes gluten-free sour cream coffee cake batter, with fresh blueberries mixed in

layer it all!

Now, it's time to assemble. Layer half the batter, half the streusel, then repeat.

bake & finish

Pop the coffee cake in the oven, then finish with our easy glaze. It's buttery, soft, fresh, sweet & gorgeous!

cool & enjoy

It's the perfect gluten-free brunch recipe. Perfect for Mother's Day, Easter & more!