gluten-free graham cracker crust


This easy gluten-free graham cracker pie crust recipe only needs 3 ingredients! It's the easiest gluten-free pie crust around!

start with grahams

Start with gluten-free graham crackers. (Our favorite are Pamela's, but we have more brands to choose from in the post)

mix it up

Crush the grahams to crumbs, then mix with melted butter & a little sugar. Stir until the crumbs are all well coated.

pat it out

use the back of a measuring cup  to gently pat the crust out into an even layer & up the sides of the pan

bake or don't bake

bake for 8-10 min to set (more sturdy) or leave it no-bake (easier!)

fill it & enjoy!

Use this easy graham crust for pie bars, cheesecake, cream pies & more!

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