gluten-free levain chocolate chip cookies

glowing reviews!

"I have a friend who lives near the bakery in NYC and before I was diagnosed with celiac, I had one. I made these last night for company and...I about ran out the front door waving my hands and yelling, “everyone come please try these. These are the best cookies I have eaten.” Trust the recipe as written and make them asap. Thanks for making me feel normal again."

at a glance:

Our gluten-free Levain cookie recipe captures the same epic size and amazing flavor as the famous NYC Levain Bakery's GIANT chocolate chip cookies, just without the gluten!

easy dough

The dough is made from simple ingredients with a few little tricks for amazing texture. The real magic is in the shaping & baking!

epic size

Each cookie is a whopping 6 oz. of dough!

baking magic

Then, you'll gently shape the dough & bake at a high temperature to control the spread. 

gorgeous texture!

Let them cool completely to set, and you'll have gorgeously golden exterior that gives way to a chewy, gooey, chocolatey center. They're amazing!




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