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Overhead view of someone using the scoop and level method to measure flour correctly

How To Measure Flour Correctly (Scoop & Level Method)

  • Author: Sweets And Thank You


How to use the scoop & level method to accurately measure your flour. This simple trick will give you better baked goods every time! 


  • Flour
  • Spoon
  • Measuring Cup
  • Knife
  • Optional: Kitchen Scale


  1. First, loosen the flour up in your canister or storage container with a whisk or fork, if you can. (This helps prevent the flour from getting clumped together or getting packed too tightly.
  2. Next, use a spoon to scoop the flour into your measuring cup. Don’t pack the flour down into the cup with your spoon. You want the flour nice and light!
  3. Then, use the back of a knife to level the surface of your measuring cup, letting the excess flour fall back into the flour canister or bag. (You don’t want that excess falling into your mixing bowl)
  4. Optional: double-check your flour measurements using a kitchen scale for accuracy. You’ll get the best results if you follow the flour measurements in a recipe to the gram rather than by the cup.
  • Category: Baking Tips

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