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Hello and welcome to Sweets & Thank You! I’m SO grateful you’re here. Let’s be friends! I’ll go first:

I’m Emily—desert dweller, mom of two, and serious lover of dark chocolate, old movies, good books, and Disneyland. I’ve got a background in Public Health and nutrition and I’ve been sharing recipes online since 2008! (Yep, I’m a blogging dinosaur!)

I run a successful healthy recipe site called One Lovely Life, where I regularly share healthy recipes that share AMAZING. I love what I do in that space, but over the last few years, I’ve gotten the itch to have an outlet for sharing the sweet side of things.

Sweets & Thank You is my home for all things gluten-free baking. This is where you’ll find recipes to celebrate with, whether it’s a holiday, a milestone, or a cozy craving on a Tuesday.

These are the gluten-free desserts and treats you dream of—soft, fluffy cakes, fudgy brownies with crackly tops, and chewy cookies studded with goodies.

Whether you’re a gluten-free newbie, a long-time baker looking for something new, or are simply baking for a friend or loved one who eats gluten-free, these are the recipes and techniques to help you celebrate with.

(Sweets &) Thank you for spending some of your time with me!

Love & brownies,

here’s what you can expect from me:

I’d love to be your gluten-free baking BFF! To make sure you’re in the right place, here’s what you can expect from me.


Kids don’t blow out candles on their birthday broccoli and we don’t celebrate new babies or weddings with a salad. I’ll share tried and tested gluten-free dessert recipes you can celebrate with! Think fluffy cakes, pretty cupcakes, and fun treats for parties & favors. These are recipes EVERYONE can enjoy, whether they eat gluten or not.


Some of my favorite memories take place around food, whether that’s baking cookies with my kids on the weekend or gathering with family for the holidays. Our gluten-free desserts are here to help you connect with those you love–to brighten a gluten-free co-worker’s day, include everyone at the holidays, or make memories in the kitchen.


Baking can be fun and special and comforting in all my favorite ways. (Plus, there’s treat’s at the end!) My goal is that when you bake my recipes, watch my tutorials, or read my posts, you feel that sense of comfort, and love, and coziness. I’m here to be helpful as you learn new skills, to encourage you as you grow & to celebrate your wins!

Sound good? Yay! I’m so happy to have you here. Let’s be friends!


Hooray! I’m so glad you’re here! Consider this a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure! Want to brush up on your baking skills or learn some new ones? Check out our Be A Better Baker Series! It’s full of tips, tricks, and ideas to inspire you. Ready to dive into recipes? Mix up a batch of these incredible brownies and pop them in the oven while you watch a great movie. (I share my movie suggestion in the post!)

If I could only pick ONE from this site, it’d be our Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies. Amazing golden edges, gooey soft middles, and puddles of chocolate throughout. It’s magic in every bite. But I love ALL the cookies thankyouverymuch.

Great question! After trying LOTS of brands over the years, my favorite is definitely King Arthur Measure-For-Measure Flour. It’s got a great blend of protein & starch, and contains xanthan gum. I find I can get light cakes, fudgy brownies, and golden cookies most consistently with this flour.

BONUS TIP: I always recommend weighing your flour when you can, or at least using the Scoop-And-Level Method when measuring flour to get the best results in your gluten-free baked goods.

I’ll do my best to provide you substitutions when they make sense, but I’ve tried and tested these recipes many times before posting them. The way I’ve written them is the way I recommend them for the best results. Any changes you make may change how your baked goods turn out. If it’s possible for you to follow the recipe as written, I always recommend it!